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Region 1

Professional Development for Educators: Region 1 - Cheri Patterson

Cheri Patterson

Kansas City Area and Northwest Missouri
(816) 271-3581

Region 2

Professional Development for Educators: Region 2 - Kurtis Jensen

Kurtis Jensen

Mid Missouri and Northeast Missouri
(573) 882-0581

Region 3

Professional Development for Educators: Region 3 - Terri Steffes

Terri Steffes

St. Louis and Mid Missouri
(573) 619-3736

Region 4

Professional Development for Educators: Region 4 - Tom Hairston

Tom Hairston

Southeast Missouri and Lake of the Ozarks Area
(573) 289-1895

Region 5 & Nebraska

Professional Development for Educators: Region 5 - Marc Doss

Marc Doss

Southwest Missouri
(417) 581-0171

  • NEE evaluations for our teachers and principals have been a game changer for Park Hill. Our principals and teachers are now engaged in levels of instructional conversation that we had never encountered before. Our teachers remark that they really appreciate the visibility of the principal spending more time in their classrooms. Above all, we believe our students benefit the most from the collaborative work that NEE fosters among all of our educators.

    Bill Redinger
    Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
    Park Hill School District
    Kansas City, MO

  • NEE is the best evaluation system I have used in my 14 years as a building principal. The ability to focus on and build upon specific indicators that meet both my building and individual teacher needs makes NEE the best option for developing and growing quality teachers.

    Chauncey Rardon
    Elementary Principal
    Lathrop, MO

  • NEE is the most beneficial teacher evaluation tool we have used. Implementing the NEE evaluation system has provided a positive impact on our teachers and our students. Teachers have commented on the invaluable conversations and timely feedback they have with administration. The use of NEE has developed a different level of positive relationships between staff and administration. They truly value it as a growth tool. This has developed a higher level of awareness in teaching, resulting in higher student learning.

    Satotha Burr, Samantha Hamilton,
    Jody Martin, Jeremy Phillips,
    and Lee Woodward
    Elementary Principals
    Neosho, MO