As social-emotional learning becomes an increasing focus for schools, effective evaluation processes will help school leaders know the impact of their SEL programs.

The Network for Educator Effectiveness provides comprehensive evaluation resources and services to assist schools in evaluation of their SEL efforts. NEE is designed to promote professional growth and development through accurate measurement of teacher and leader effectiveness combined with frequent, focused feedback conversations to foster growth.

To assist schools with their SEL evaluation processes, NEE has published Evaluating Teacher & Principal Effectiveness on Indicators of Social-Emotional Learning, which includes:

  • An introduction to SEL
  • How to prepare for evaluation of SEL initiatives
  • Which NEE indicators might be considered for SEL evaluation
  • How to use NEE’s multiple measures to evaluate SEL
  • How to use NEE Data Tool reporting features to interpret SEL evaluation data

Download the brief using the form on the right side of this page. (Note: NEE member schools may also access this document on the NEE Data Tool Help and Resources menu.)

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If you have questions, please contact NEE at or 844-793-4357.

Cover of NEE's guide: Evaluating Teacher & Principal Effectiveness on Indicators of Social Emotional Learning