The Network for Educator Effectiveness combines a research-based classroom observation process and educator training with a custom-built online platform to conveniently enter feedback and track observations.

With NEE, administrators have found a simple yet powerful solution to accurately conduct and conveniently manage classroom observations.

Classroom Observation Process

The NEE classroom observation tool framework includes detailed rubrics and look-fors for dozens of observable indicators that are based on the national InTASC and PSEL standards. Of those, schools select three to five indicators to focus on.

This process allows buildings and districts to identify the specific behaviors they want to improve on, and everyone works toward the same goals for shared improvement. It’s this kind of teamwork and collaboration that really makes a difference in the evaluation process – turning it on its head from something seen as punitive to an opportunity for everyone, together, to get even better.

This strategy eliminates the heavy burden on administrators to evaluate dozens of behaviors at once. Administrators are encouraged to conduct short, frequent walkthroughs in classrooms to become familiar with the tenor of instruction taking place on a daily basis and avoid the high stakes of a one-time visit.

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Classroom Observation Training

Administrators undergo in-depth training for reliable and consistent observation of teachers in the classroom to improve the accuracy of observations within the building, across the district, and even across the country.

Classroom Observation Tool

Observations can be recorded and feedback provided directly in the secure web-based NEE Data Tool. The platform provides an easy way for administrators to record information and monitor progress in one place.

Teachers also have access to the NEE Data Tool for effective collaboration. NEE tracks and stores data and artifacts for each educator, building, and district for multiple years. Embedded in the NEE Data Tool is the EdHub Library with more than 300 educator professional development learning resources for use at the local level.

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The classroom observation tool is just one component of the NEE process.
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