With the NEE Data Tool, administrators have found a simple yet powerful solution to evaluate classroom observation data, online student surveys, and more for improved educator effectiveness.

The Network for Educator Effectiveness combines a research-based classroom observation process and educator training with a custom-built online evaluation system to conveniently enter feedback, track observations, and administer teacher or student surveys.

The NEE Data Tool online teacher evaluation system incorporates the following features:

Educator Evaluation System - Dashboard

Data Dashboard

The Dashboard provides a quick look at important to-do items and progress toward goals.

Teacher Evaluation System - Classroom Observation

Open Observation

Administrators can record observations and feedback directly in the online evaluation system during walkthroughs; teachers have access after it has been submitted.

Teacher Evaluation System - Student Survey

Student Surveys

Student surveys for feedback on teachers and teacher surveys for feedback on principals are available in the Data Tool. Schools may incorporate surveys into evaluations if they choose.

Teacher Evaluation System - Indicator Trend Report

Indicator Trend

The Indicator Trend report shows progress made on select indicators through the academic year for a specific teacher, building, or whole district.

Teacher Evaluation System - Status Report

Status Report

The Status Report within this educator and teacher evaluation system helps administrators stay organized.

Teacher Evaluation System - EdHub

EdHub Library

Embedded in the online evaluation system is the EdHub Library with more than 300 educator professional development learning resources for local-level use.

Secure, Convenient Data Entry & Storage

Data from multiple sources is entered and recorded in the secure web-based teacher evaluation system, giving evaluators a way to record feedback and monitor progress in one place.

NEE tracks and stores data and artifacts for each educator, building and district, providing a simple yet powerful online teacher evaluation system for observation of teachers in the classroom. Educator data is securely stored for multiple years.

The online teacher evaluation system is just one component of NEE’s educator and teacher evaluation system. See our full list of education evaluation services and features provided to NEE member schools.
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