Make your school improvement plan meaningful, actionable, and supported.

The Network for Educator Effectiveness and the eMINTS National Center have teamed up to offer schools a powerful model for school improvement – and guided support for every step of the way.

Here’s how our process works.

Start with Effective Evaluation for a Needs Assessment

Our process starts with the Network for Educator Effectiveness (NEE), which schools use for formal or informal assessment of high-leverage teaching practices. School leaders receive high-quality training to conduct classroom observations and student surveys, to interpret data for key teaching indicators, and to offer effective and meaningful feedback to teachers to support their professional growth. Data collected through NEE can be analyzed for an individual teacher, a group of teachers, a school building, and an entire school district.

The NEE data give schools a clear picture of instructional strengths and opportunities for development, and that’s where eMINTS comes in…

Address Needs with Targeted Professional Development

eMINTS provides schools with interactive professional development designed to inspire educators, engage students, and enrich instruction. Using NEE data as a starting point, eMINTS will follow up with professional development and coaching to address opportunities for improvement through both face-to-face and virtual training. eMINTS offers a diverse portfolio of professional development opportunities focused on authentic learning, building community, and using high-quality lesson design powered by innovative technology.

Loop It Around

Our evaluation and professional development is not “one-and-done.”  It is comprehensive, systematic, and data-driven. After eMINTS training, schools continue to use NEE to evaluate high-leverage instructional strategies. When NEE data indicate opportunities for school improvement, eMINTS professional development continues to address your school’s unique needs. The eMINTS professional development model is designed to train affiliate trainers, or “train-the-trainers,” with access to a library of materials that allow each complex or school to have their own staff do training when it is most convenient.

Receive Guided Support for Every Step of the Way

Your school’s success is our success, and we provide ongoing support to ensure it. NEE and eMINTS provide ongoing training and support to help educators achieve the results they desire for themselves and their students.

A School Improvement Process Backed by Research

NEE and eMINTS offer the research basis of a nationally ranked university, connections to faculty, a comprehensive range of services in evaluation and professional development, and a long and successful track record of effective and research-based implementation. The eMINTS comprehensive program is included in the U.S. Department of Education “What Works Clearinghouse.” NEE is an IRB project held within the University of Missouri, and emerging research has found connections between NEE’s measures of teaching effectiveness and student achievement.

About NEE and eMINTS

NEE and eMINTS are nonprofit outreach units of the University of Missouri’s College of Education and Human Development. We offer research focus and over 10 years of experience in teacher evaluation (NEE) and over 20 years of experience in professional development (eMINTS). We share the beliefs and values that education can be transformed through performance systems, standards, assessments, and comprehensive teacher and principal evaluation and professional development. We have helped schools in over 15 states transform their educational practices.

The NEE and eMINTS services are provided under the vendor name “The Curators of the University of Missouri” on the HIDOE Vendor List No. E22-15 (RFP D22-059), Comprehensive Assistance, Training, and Educational Resources and Services (CATERS) for the Hawaii State Department of Education.

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