The following education evaluation services and features are included for all schools in the Network for Educator Effectiveness.

In-Depth Classroom Observation and Walkthrough Training

NEE provides superior evaluator calibration training to improve the quality and accuracy of observation data.

The NEE calibration educator training process has a research-proven track record of not only improving reliability of observations but also increasing the accuracy and quality of feedback provided to teachers.

First-year principals and new NEE principals undergo an in-depth two-day training the first year. After the first year, all administrators undergo an annual refresher training to reduce subjectivity in educator evaluation processes and results.

At these trainings, evaluators practice by scoring videos of teachers. Scores are then compared and evaluators are given feedback about their scoring practices. Evaluators take a qualification assessment at the end of their training, which helps to increase inter-rater agreement in a building, in a school district, and across the country.

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Classroom Observation Rubrics

NEE has detailed, research-based rubrics and look-fors for 27 observable indicators. NEE’s teacher and principal evaluation tools are based on InTASC/PSEL standards.

Of the 27 observable indicators, schools select just a handful to evaluate so they can be laser-focused on the behaviors that have the highest impact on student learning.

For administrators, this kind of focus eliminates the overwhelming burden of trying to evaluate dozens of behaviors during a single observation. As a building and even as a district, you have identified what you want to improve on, and you are all working toward that goal. It’s this kind of teamwork and collaboration that really makes a difference in the evaluation process – turning it on its head from something seen as punitive to an opportunity for everyone, together, to get even better.

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Multiple Measures of Effectiveness

NEE provides member school districts with a comprehensive system for recording multiple measures of educator effectiveness:

  1. Observation of teachers in the classroom
  2. Unit of Instruction (UOI) provided by each teacher
  3. Professional Development Plan (PDP) provided by each teacher
  4. Student survey feedback via the teacher evaluation system
Education Evaluation Services
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Secure, Convenient Data Entry & Storage

Data coming from these sources are entered and recorded in the secure web-based NEE Data Tool teacher evaluation system, giving evaluators a way to record feedback and monitor progress in one place. NEE tracks and stores data and artifacts for each educator, building and district, providing a simple yet powerful classroom observation tool for evaluation. Educator data is securely stored for multiple years.

Integrated Professional Learning

Educator professional development resources are embedded in the online platform for use at the local level. Our integrated EdHub Library houses more than 300 professional learning resources right inside the same online platform where observations are scored.

EdHub enhances administrators’ ability to coach teachers by pointing them toward resources that can help them develop in very specific areas. Teachers can then log in and complete the modules online, at their pace.

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Evaluation Tools for Multiple Roles

  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Library-Media Specialists
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Professional School Counselors
  • Instructional Coaches

Additional Training Opportunities & Services

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Teacher Professional Development Plans

If schools use TPDPs as evidence of effectiveness, NEE can provide organizers, exemplars, scoring rubrics, and training opportunities for teachers and administrators.

Unit of Instruction/Curriculum Planning

If schools use UOIs as evidence of effectiveness, NEE can provide organizers, exemplars, scoring rubrics, and educator training opportunities for teachers and administrators.


As a nonprofit, NEE’s fee for service is provided at a cost-recovery basis based on district size (measured by student count), making NEE very affordable while providing districts with a powerful, research-based educator effectiveness tool for evaluation.

Providing these education evaluation services at one price encourages educator training for each district, allowing for a smooth district-wide conversion to NEE.

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