Ditch the checklist and tracking evaluations on paper. There’s an easier, affordable way to track evaluations online while supporting the professional growth of your teachers.

The Network for Educator Effectiveness offers comprehensive educator evaluation services to Nebraska schools to help educators grow, students learn, and schools improve. Read about the comprehensive services we offer to help you get more out of your evaluation process:

  • Annual training for evaluators to improve the accuracy and quality of classroom observations and feedback to teachers.
  • 27 research-based classroom observation rubrics available for your use. Of those 27 rubrics, school leaders select three to five to use in your evaluation processes to align with school priorities and initiatives. This focus allows for improved accuracy of classroom observation scores and more effective feedback to teachers.
  • Besides classroom observations, schools have the option to include additional evaluation measures for a more robust, comprehensive, and data-driven process. Additional measures available for the teacher evaluation process include student surveys, a curriculum-planning organizer, and a professional development plan organizer.
  • An online teacher evaluation system, called the NEE Data Tool, to conveniently enter feedback, track observations, administer teacher or student surveys, and easily generate and complete summative evaluations.
  • A professional learning library, called EdHub, which is integrated in the online evaluation tool. EdHub enhances an administrator’s ability to coach teachers by pointing them toward resources that can help them develop in very specific areas, aligned with the research-based, highly effective instructional practices reflected by the NEE indicators.

NEE’s full suite of services is wrapped into one annual price, based on student count, to make high-quality evaluation affordable for all schools.

Want to learn more about NEE? Schedule an overview presentation with a NEE staff member through our Contact page.

2020 Nebraska Teacher Standards Crosswalk with NEE

In April 2020, the Nebraska State Board of Education approved the Nebraska Teacher and Principal Performance Standards.

The Network for Educator Effectiveness has developed the following crosswalk between the Nebraska state standards and the NEE standards. The crosswalk shows how NEE can help schools evaluate their implementation of the standards while offering the necessary support and development for educators to achieve their professional goals.

To download the Crosswalk Between NEE and Nebraska Standards (2020), please enter your name and email address.

Download the Nebraska Crosswalk