It’s summative season! Now is the time of year when many evaluators are preparing and completing teacher summative reports.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of completing a summative report in the NEE Data Tool. We have also incorporated how-to videos for visual learners.

Recommended NEE Summative Process

The following is a NEE-recommended workflow, but follow your school board policy if it differs from this recommended process:

  1. Complete all observations and scorings that will be included in a teacher’s summative. Make sure student surveys are closed.
  2. Schedule a summative conference with the teacher.
  3. Generate and comment on the teacher summative report. At this point, you can either click the white button to save for later or the gold button to complete for teacher review (more on those buttons later). Keep in mind that teachers have 14 days after the gold button is clicked to login and click the button indicating that they met with the principal to discuss the summative report.
  4. Conduct the summative conference with the teacher. If you haven’t yet, click the gold button in the summative report to complete for teacher review.
  5. Make sure the teacher logs in and responds to the summative report to indicate that they met with you.
  6. The current evaluation cycle is closed. A PDF copy of the report can be printed and signatures added, if necessary.

Download and print the Summative Checklist for Superintendents and Principals.

Generating a Teacher Summative

The summative report pulls together all of the data that has been entered for teachers since their last summative was completed. Depending on measures used in your school or district, the teacher summative report can include data from the following sources: classroom observations, student surveys, unit of instruction scores, teacher professional development plan scores, and/or specialist organizers.

To generate the report:

  • Click “My Teachers” on the left-hand side of the NEE Data Tool menu.
  • Under the Reports section, click View Summative Reports.
  • Click the teacher’s name.
  • The summative report will appear on the screen, representing all the evaluation data that has been entered for that teacher since their last summative was completed.
  • Scroll down to review the data, enter comments, make recommendations for reemployment, and indicate whether student growth expectations have been met. The reemployment question might not appear for some schools, but the student growth expectation is a required section in the summative report.

Video: How To Generate a Teacher Summative Report

Saving the Summative Report: Gold Button or White Button?

At the bottom of the report, you have two options: a gold button and a white button.

NEE Teacher Summative - Saving options screengrab
  • Click the GOLD button (“Complete For Teacher Review”) if you are finished with the summative and you are ready for the teacher to see it. At this point, the summative will be locked and further editing cannot occur. Clicking the gold button closes/ends the data cycle for that teacher. Any new data entered will go on the teacher’s next summative evaluation. The summative report will be available immediately for the teacher to view and comment on. The teacher has 14 days to login to respond to a completed summative evaluation. If the teacher does not open and/or comment on the summative within the 14 days, the summative will close without teacher comment and the “we met” box will be automatically checked “no.”
  • Click the WHITE button (“Complete Later”) if you want to be able to edit the summative later OR if you have not yet scheduled the summative conference with the teacher. The white button saves the report for later additions or changes, including adding more data and comments. NEE recommends that you use this button until you have your summative conference scheduled, so you can be sure the teacher will respond within 14 days.

Don’t forget! At some point, you need to click the gold button to Complete For Teacher Review. Otherwise, the teacher cannot respond and the data cycle will not close. Opening the summative, saving it as a PDF, and/or clicking the “Complete Later” button will NOT close the data cycle in the NEE Data Tool. If “Complete For Teacher Review” is not clicked, the data cycle will remain open and the data will carry over onto the following year’s summative.

Video: How To Save a Teacher Summative Report

Summative Status Report

NEE Summative Status Report screengrab

Consider the Summative Status Report your “home base” for summative evaluations. Once you have started a summative report for a teacher, that teacher will show up in this report. The Summative Status Report is designed to help district-level administrators and evaluators track the progress of teacher summative reports. This report can be viewed in Excel, if desired.

Tip: In order to get teachers to show up in the summative status report, open teacher summative reports through the “My Teachers” menu. For each teacher who will be evaluated, leave a comment such as “open summative.” Then click the WHITE button (“Complete Later”) to save the report without completing it. Now the teacher will show up in your Summative Status Report, where you can easily open and edit summative reports.

To view the Summative Status Report, click “Status Reports” on the left-hand side of the NEE Data Tool menu. When the dropdown appears, click “Summative Status.”

Video: How To Access the Summative Status Report

NEE Summative Status Report - district level view to unlock - screengrab
Only individuals with district-level access will see an “Unlock” option

Unlocking the Summative

Only individuals with district-level access can unlock a summative report, and only certain sections of the report can be edited. Only use the “unlock” feature if you need to change the Reemployment selection, the Growth in Student Learning selection, or the Supervisor Comments section.

If you need to add additional scorings or data, do NOT use the Unlock feature. Please contact NEE Customer Support at

For individuals with district-level access, you can unlock summative reports under the Status Reports section on the left-side menu.  When the dropdown appears, click “Summative Status.” Locate the teacher’s name, and click the Unlock button under the Action column. Keep track of any reports you unlock so that you can check to be sure that they are completed a second time. Unlocked summative reports that are not re-completed will cause problems with your data in the following school year.

This method can also be used to reset the 14-day window for a teacher to login to respond to the summative.

The evaluator can make the necessary changes and then must click the Complete for Teacher Review button again.

If a summative report needs to be deleted, contact NEE Customer Support at

What Could Go Wrong? How to Avoid Common Mishaps

Mishap: You printed the summative without saving it or completing it.

Sometimes, evaluators open the summative, add comments, print it as a PDF – all without clicking “Complete For Teacher Review” or “Complete Later.” Without clicking one of those buttons, the comments you wrote will not be recorded and saved. Make sure to click one of the buttons in order generate the summative and save your work. Another reminder: Click “Complete For Teacher Review” when you do not anticipate any further edits, and click “Complete Later” to save and edit the report later.

Mishap: You never clicked “Complete For Teacher Review.”

If you never click the gold button to “Complete For Teacher Review,” the summative will not actually be closed, and the data will roll over to the next school year.  

Mishap: The 14-day window closes before a teacher responds.

Once a summative is completed by an evaluator (i.e. when you click the gold button to “Complete For Teacher Review”), the teacher has 14 days to login and respond. If a teacher doesn’t respond within 14 days, the summative will automatically close and the report will show that the teacher didn’t comment and the “we met” box will be automatically checked “no.” For this reason, NEE recommends that you schedule the summative conference before you click “Complete For Teacher Review.” Once you know when you will be meeting with the teacher, you can go ahead and complete the summative and ask the teacher to sign it during the conference or soon after.

Mishap: You complete a teacher’s summative and then try to complete an observation on the same day.

When you complete a summative report, it ends the current data cycle BUT the new data cycle doesn’t start until the following day. So, you can’t do a new observation on the same day that you end a data cycle.


Completing summative reports can be a tedious, time-consuming task, but NEE tries to make this as simple as possible by using data that has been collected over the course of the year. Use the Summative Status Report to your advantage. It keeps teachers organized in a single view so you can easily keep track of what needs to be completed.

The superintendent or a designated district-level employee should ensure a summative report was completed for each teacher who was scheduled to receive one. While some district policies require summative evaluations for tenured teachers every two or three years, other districts complete summative reports for every teacher every year. It is important to note that if a district wants a new data cycle to begin each school year, a summative evaluation should be completed for every teacher every year.

If you have any questions or need additional support as you are completing summative evaluations, please email NEE Customer Support at or call (844) 793-4357.