As NEE celebrates 10 years of service to schools, we asked school leaders to share with us how the Network for Educator Effectiveness has impacted their schools. What is the biggest benefit school leaders notice after implementing NEE evaluation processes? Here’s what school leaders said.

1. NEE fosters growth and support for teachers and administrators.

“An evaluation tool that helps teachers and administrators grow and support each other in that growth.” – Mark Delaney, Director of Human Resources, Francis Howell School District

“NEE offers a distinct way of teaching teachers and administrators how to grow and become more effective at our traits.  It fosters the lifetime learning that we all need to reach our full potential.” – Buck Shockley, Middle School Principal, Dallas Co. R-I

2. NEE helps schools focus on improving instruction.

“NEE has created a focus on improving instruction throughout the district.” – Nathan Manley, Assistant Superintendent, Neosho School District

3. NEE is comprehensive.

“The strengths of the NEE evaluation system come in the form of clear indicators for quality teaching and learning, resources to support educator growth, and training to ensure evaluator fidelity when scoring instructional observations or the other evaluation artifacts.” – Marlie Williams, Assistant Superintendent, St. Joseph School District

4. NEE offers integrated professional learning with the EdHub library.

“The Network for Educator Effectiveness allows district leaders to help grow district staff members. Specifically, the EdHub Library is one of the most powerful pieces to facilitate professional growth within the Fordland School District.” – Chris Ford, Superintendent, Fordland R-3

5. NEE gives educators a common language for evaluation and improving instruction.

“The greatest benefit of NEE for our district is having the common language and research-based tools to foster rich growth-oriented discussions about instruction and student learning.  NEE has provided a healthy balance of structure and flexibility to best support our district’s needs.” – Amy Ruzicka, Chief Academic Officer, Bayless School District

6. NEE supports consistency of evaluation processes.

“NEE provides a tool which is universal and consistent across all administrative settings.  NEE’s format encourages dialogue and reflection between administrators and team members to foster growth. We like the flexibility in choosing which indicators are most important to our district.” – Sarah Marriott, Superintendent, Boonville R-1

“If I were to identify one quality of NEE that best benefits my district, I would say consistency.  NEE provides a cohesive system in which we can collect an assortment of data that can be used for multiple purposes.” – Melia Franklin, Superintendent, Sturgeon R-V

7. NEE evaluation processes align with the school improvement plan.

“The biggest benefit of NEE for Spokane R-VII is alignment. Using NEE templates and tools, we are able to align our professional development plans and building improvement plans to our Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.  Our PD efforts and classroom observation indicators further support our PDPs and BIPs.  With efforts from the classroom, building, and district levels in alignment, having a focus on student learning makes work intentional and powerful! Alignment allows all of us to know what is important and being monitored.” – Della Bell-Freeman, Superintendent, Spokane R-VII

8. NEE provides professional development for school administrators.

“NEE has provided outstanding professional development for administrators. Between the certification training and opportunity to visit classrooms together for continued calibration, I can’t think of anything more impactful to improve instruction and learning.” – Beth Mulvey, Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services, Grain Valley Schools

9. NEE saves administrators time.

“NEE has helped us streamline the evaluation process for teachers and administrators. This has been such a game-changer when looking at the amount of time we spend on staff evaluations!” – Jeri Hardy, Superintendent, Gasconade Co. R-II

10. NEE provides a secure online portal for storing evaluations.

“The NEE program provides many valuable tools, including on-going professional development and numerous digital resources. I appreciate having staff evaluations stored electronically and housed in a secure location. This allows both staff members and evaluators access to feedback at any time and provides a historical trend to review.” – Gretchen Guitard, Superintendent, Jamestown C-1

11. NEE values customer support.

“NEE has always provided us with great support. We are looking forward to the next 10 years.” – Phil Lewis, Superintendent, Sarcoxie R-2

To learn more about the components of the NEE evaluation system, visit the NEE Advantage page or contact NEE for more information.

The Network for Educator Effectiveness (NEE) is a simple yet powerful comprehensive system for educator evaluation that helps educators grow, students learn, and schools improve. Developed by preK-12 practitioners and experts at the University of Missouri, NEE brings together classroom observation, student feedback, teacher curriculum planning, and professional development as measures of effectiveness in a secure online portal designed to promote educator growth and development.