As many schools look to continue forms of remote learning this fall in response to COVID-19, the Network for Educator Effectiveness is working to develop resources to support the evaluation of remote teaching.

This spring, as schools rapidly shifted to remote learning in a crisis situation, we recommended that teacher evaluation in the formal sense stop. Instead, we encouraged school leaders to provide coaching feedback to support teachers who were quickly thrown into a completely new teaching environment.

However, as schools move forward with remote learning for a longer stint, we have fielded several questions from school leaders curious about how they should evaluate teaching over the next school year.

In response, by mid-July, we are committed to releasing the following resources (at a minimum) to school leaders that are part of NEE:

  1. A technical sheet with guidance and recommendations on how to conduct an evaluation process for remote teaching. This will include:
    — Guidance on completing classroom observations in synchronous and asynchronous settings
    — Guidance on how to use the language of the NEE rubrics in regard to time and students
    — Guidance on how to schedule evaluations and be deliberate about evidence collection in asynchronous settings
    — Guidance on how to utilize student surveys for remote teaching
  2. A lesson planning template for online/offline remote learning
  3. A template for an evidence log that teachers can utilize to collect evidence of effectiveness for their evaluators
  4. Additional look-for language for Indicators and how those indicators may look in remote learning

As we develop this guidance, we are cognizant that remote learning occurs in both online and offline settings. We are working to be as comprehensive as possible to cover the varied needs of our member schools.

As we move forward with the development of these resources, we may find opportunities to include additional resources and guidance. The above list is the minimum of what we will provide to you.

If you have any questions or comments, please email or call 844-793-4357.