Registration for NEE’s summer training is now open on the NEE Events Calendar. Training opportunities begin in May and last through August. All trainings will be conducted online in either a hybrid format (including a mix of on-demand and Zoom components) or completely on-demand.

The following is a rundown of the NEE trainings that will be available this summer, who should register, and what to expect.

Reminder: All building administrators who evaluate teachers are required to complete NEE training each summer. District-level administrators are invited to participate but are not required unless they have teacher evaluation responsibilities. Administrators are only required to register for one training session and must complete the NEE certification or recertification exam after training. Failure to complete training will result in access to the NEE Data Tool being suspended. Training is provided to all evaluators as part of the fee paid by the school district; no additional fees are collected during registration.

New Evaluator Training (Hybrid – On-Demand/Zoom)

Who should register? All administrators who have not previously worked with NEE must complete this training session.

What to expect: This training will provide the foundations of NEE and information on how yearly implementation inside of a building should look. It will also include information and practice on our recommended classroom observation and feedback protocols, as well as a walkthrough of the NEE Data Tool.

Time required: The training will last from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., with a mix of trainer-led instruction/discussion on Zoom and independent work time. The training includes a required pre-training activity that should take around 2 hours and must be completed prior to the Zoom session. After training, a 1-hour NEE certification exam is required. Total time for completion is approximately 9 hours.

Register for NEE New Evaluator Training

Principal Evaluation Training (On-Demand)

Who should register? Superintendents or any other district-level administrators who supervise building-level administrators may complete this training.

What to expect: This training module will review the NEE principal evaluation process. We have traditionally offered this training in the fall in-person and on Zoom, but now it will be available on-demand. At your own pace, you’ll work through implementation timelines, the measures available for principal evaluation, and how to customize the process to fit the needs of you and administrators in your district.

Time required: Approximately 4 hours. At the end of the on-demand training, you will have the option to complete the recertification exam (only required if you will be regularly evaluating teachers through classroom observations).

Register for Principal Evaluation Training

Recertification Training

Who should register? All administrators who have previously completed NEE training.

What to expect: Over the years, we have built knowledge on how to accurately conduct classroom observations, how to use NEE’s recommended feedback process, and how to incorporate feedback paths to meet teachers where they are. This year, we have once again diversified our recertification training offerings. Like last year, you can choose to participate in a hybrid session where you will complete a required pre-activity, then join a Zoom session with peers and NEE team members. Or, you can choose to participate in an on-demand session, which you will work through independently and at your own pace.

This year, you also may choose from the following training topics to complete NEE recertification:

Classroom Observation Calibration (Hybrid – On-Demand/Zoom)     

In this session, we’ll spend time reviewing and discussing the evidence we see for NEE Indicators 1.2, 5.1, and 7.4. You’ll be able to interact with evaluators from other districts, ask questions, and grow in understanding different perspectives for each indicator. This is a great opportunity for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th-year evaluators or any evaluator who wants to learn more about scoring classroom observations and providing effective feedback.

Long-Term Teacher Growth Cycles (Hybrid – On-Demand/Zoom)

This training module will concentrate on long-term teacher development through teacher growth cycles that narrow the focus of your evaluations and respect the time it takes for real behavior change.

Register for Hybrid NEE Recertification Training – Classroom Observation Calibration or Teacher Growth Cycles

Data Tool Deep Dive (On-Demand)

In this session, you’ll explore the NEE Data Tool section by section to learn how to access the many reports, scorings, and features that will support your work. We’ll also highlight the professional development materials offered by EdHub.

Character Strengths, Feedback, and Growth (On-Demand)

In this training session, we’ll introduce the concept of strength-based professional growth, identify some ways character strengths can be utilized in support of classroom instruction, and walk you through a process for incorporating teachers’ character strengths into your feedback conversations.

Time required: All NEE recertification training sessions will take approximately 4 hours to complete. For hybrid sessions, this includes 2 hours of a pre-activity followed by 2 hours on Zoom. After training, a 1-hour recertification exam is required.

Register for On-Demand NEE Recertification Training – Data Tool Deep Dive or Character Strengths, Feedback, and Growth

Register for NEE Training

Registration for NEE Summer Training is available on the NEE Events Calendar.

For help with registration, review our blog How to Register for NEE Training.

If you have questions, please contact the NEE Help Desk at 844-793-4357 or

Happy registering!

The Network for Educator Effectiveness (NEE) is a simple yet powerful comprehensive system for educator evaluation that helps educators grow, students learn, and schools improve. Developed by preK-12 practitioners and experts at the University of Missouri, NEE brings together classroom observation, student feedback, teacher curriculum planning, and professional development as measures of effectiveness in a secure online portal designed to promote educator growth and development.