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Continuing our series on the Network for Educator Effectiveness’ four principal evaluation components, this blog focuses on the NEE Building Personnel Development organizer. To read about the other NEE evaluation components, please visit our principal evaluation blog series.

Overview of the NEE Building Personnel Development Organizer 

The NEE Building Personnel Development (BPD) organizer is a strategic component of NEE’s principal evaluation system that guides principals toward becoming more effective instructional leaders. The BPD allows principals to document their work in supporting teachers’ professional improvement, and it places added focus on the role of the principal in developing a strong instructional team.

When completing a BPD, a principal selects two or three teachers who they will work with to provide extra support for the teachers’ development. In essence, the BPD follows the principal through the coaching process with the teachers identified. The principal documents efforts to help the teachers improve and provides evidence of improvement if it is achieved. 

Selecting Teachers for the NEE BPD

The principal begins the BPD process by selecting the teachers for the plan. Principals use a variety of approaches to select teachers for this process. Here are three options to consider: 

  • Select teachers who need targeted support to improve on the school’s focus indicators. This could include experienced teachers who are struggling to implement a specific indicator, or it could include beginning teachers. 
  • Select good teachers to help them move to great on a specific indicator. 
  • Select a lead teacher who will then act as an instructional coach for the rest of the faculty. 

Creating the NEE BPD Organizer  

Once the teachers and indicators have been selected, the principal can create the BPD organizer in the NEE Data Tool online evaluation system. Principals who have Building and Building Lead access in the Data Tool can create a BPD. If a principal has district-level access to manage NEE data for the district, please call the NEE Help Desk to temporarily adjust your access level to complete the BPD (and other principal evaluation measures). 

(Note: As is true of the other NEE organizers, the BPD organizer for the upcoming school year becomes available online in early July each year. If working on the plan for the upcoming school year before July, the principal can begin the BPD using the Word Document version located on the Help and Resources menu of the Data Tool. Save it locally, then transfer the text to the online organizer after it becomes available in early July.) 

The BPD organizer operates differently than other NEE organizers in the Data Tool. When beginning a new BPD, the principal will first select the name of one of the teachers who will be part of the BPD cadre. Selecting a teacher’s name populates the organizer with the goals from the teacher’s professional development plan.  (For this reason, principals should wait to create the online BPD until the teacher has created their PD plan. If a teacher does not complete a PD plan, the BPD organizer can still be used, and the principal would note the lack of a PD plan in their comments.)

A new BPD organizer will be created for each teacher who is part of the process. After a BPD organizer has been created for each teacher who will be involved in the plan, the principal will complete Section A of each organizer. 

Section A is populated with the selected teacher’s name and position. The principal will provide an explanation for why the teacher has been selected for the BPD process. The teacher’s professional development goals and baseline data are also populated in Section A directly from the teacher’s PD plan. Edit buttons are available and may be used if adjustments are necessary. The final text box in Section A provides an area where the principal describes the actions that will be taken to support the teacher in meeting their goals.  

Monitoring Progress of the NEE BPD 

After completing Section A, the principal will click the save button. There is no built-in pre-implementation or mid-year approval process for the BPD. However, a principal’s supervisor can access the BPD as soon as the principal has created it by clicking My Principals on the left-side menu of the NEE Data Tool, then Review Building Personnel Development Organizers, then select the principal’s name. Suggestions for changes to the plan should be handled outside of the online organizer. The Ready for Review button should not be clicked by the principal until the organizer is completed toward the end of the year and it is ready to be scored. No changes are possible after that button is clicked. 

Sections B and C of the BPD are aimed at monitoring progress of the goals of the plan. Section B will be completed mid-year, and Section C will be completed near the end of the data cycle. Both sections work as a mechanism to record the monitoring activity, dates, and data on progress toward meeting the goals. An area is also provided for additional comments. 

Although there is no upload feature for the BPD organizer, many principals save documentation of their efforts to an online drive such as Google and then place links within their BPD organizer. This allows the evaluator to view the baseline, mid-year, and end-of-year data used to select and monitor the professional development goals and documentation of the monitoring efforts. Evidence might include notes from formal meetings, informal conversations, and feedback sessions. 

Completing the BPD 

Near the end of the data cycle, the principal completes the BPD organizer by entering a final report of the data and progress toward meeting the goal, along with comments about the process. After entering all pertinent information, the principal will click the button near the top of the organizers indicating that the BPD is Ready for Review. Once that button has been clicked, administrators with the District access level will receive a notification on their Data Tool dashboard that a BPD organizer is ready for review. 

Scoring the BPD 

Principal supervisors can access the Building Personnel Development (BPD) Scoring Rubric on the Help and Resources menu of the NEE Data Tool. 

Many principal evaluators begin scoring the plan before it has been completed and submitted for review so they can enter comments about the plan and progress throughout the year. When this approach is used, the evaluator will click the Complete Later button after entering comments. It is important to note that the comments will not be visible to the principal until scoring has been finalized by clicking the gold Complete button at the bottom of the plan. 

If a principal supervisor begins scoring the plan before the principal has completed it (i.e. clicked the Ready for Review button), use the following method to access the BPD plan when it is ready for scoring: Click My Principals on the left-side menu, click Score Building Personnel Developments, under the Incomplete tab click the appropriate principal’s name.  

If the principal supervisor has not started the scoring before the principal selects Ready for Review, then they can follow the link to the organizer on their NEE Data Tool dashboard to begin a new scoring. Selecting it from the dashboard opens a new scoring session for the BPD organizer, which is why it’s important to access the organizer through the My Principals menu if comments have previously been entered. 

As evaluators review and score the BPD, they can use the Complete Later button to save and return to the scoring later. When returning to the previously started scoring, once again use the My Principals menu to access the BPD organizer under the Incomplete tab.  

When the evaluator is finished scoring, click the Complete button. The principal will then be able to access the scoring report, and the scores will be reported on the principal’s summative report along with the scores from other NEE principal evaluation components. The scores are categorized by the NEE Leader Indicators and identified by source on the summative report. 

The three other components available for principal evaluation are the NEE Building Improvement Plan organizer, the NEE Principal Professional Development Plan, and the NEE Teacher Survey.  

The Network for Educator Effectiveness (NEE) is a simple yet powerful comprehensive system for educator evaluation that helps educators grow, students learn, and schools improve. Developed by preK-12 practitioners and experts at the University of Missouri, NEE brings together classroom observation, student feedback, teacher curriculum planning, and professional development as measures of effectiveness in a secure online portal designed to promote educator growth and development.