High-quality principal evaluation processes incorporate multiple sources of data. We have previously reviewed three principal evaluation measures that are used in the NEE Principal Evaluation system.

A fourth measure available in the NEE Principal Evaluation system is the NEE Teacher Survey. Teacher surveys are an important component of principal evaluation because they allow teachers to provide their perspectives and feedback on the school leadership they experience.

In this blog, we will explore the ins and outs of the NEE Teacher Survey of principal effectiveness. 

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Overview of the NEE Teacher Survey 

The NEE Teacher Survey was designed to gather anonymous teacher input concerning specific school leadership characteristics. The survey comprises 47 items that are aligned with the NEE Leader Standards. Each school district elects whether to ask teachers to complete a survey for all building administrators or for only a specific principal in settings where each principal works with a sub-group of teachers. 

Research focused on how to evaluate principals in ways that will reveal connections between the principal’s efforts and student achievement indicates that adding a teacher survey to the principal evaluation process can improve the link between the evaluation ratings and student achievement. 

A recent study revealed that 70% of teachers would not feel comfortable going to their principals with a concern about something the administrator had done. Gathering honest feedback about a supervisor’s effectiveness can only occur if individual anonymity is protected so there is no fear of repercussion. NEE’s Teacher Survey provides complete anonymity, and the large number of NEE teacher surveys conducted each year allows for a large pool of comparison data. 

Creating the NEE Teacher Survey 

Only NEE users who have District-level access in the NEE Data Tool can create teacher surveys. Teacher access to the surveys is controlled by access level and building assignment in the following way: 

  1. A teacher survey may only be created for individuals who have Building and Building Lead access levels. 
  2. Only NEE users who have the Individual access level can complete the NEE Teacher Survey. 
  3. NEE users can only access and complete teacher surveys for administrators who are assigned to their same building. 

District-level users can create surveys for all or a selected group of administrators in a building. The surveys can be scheduled to automatically become available to teachers and then end on a specific date and time. Teachers must be notified when the surveys become active. No automatic notice is sent to teachers so that each district can administer the survey as they choose.

Administering the NEE Teacher Survey 

While a survey is open, teachers will see the option to complete the survey from their Dashboard when they log in to the NEE Data Tool. Help documents are available on the NEE Data Tool Help and Resources menu that provide step-by-step directions for teachers on completing the survey. Teachers respond to 47 questions on a scale of 0-3. Individuals may only take the NEE Teacher Survey one time per principal. Once the Complete button is clicked, the individual may not access that survey again. 

Ending the NEE Teacher Survey 

The surveys will close automatically if an end date was selected, but the surveys can also be closed manually. Once the surveys are closed, the administrator who was the subject of the survey can access the data that was collected. District-level administrators can also access reports of the survey data.

Reports for the NEE Teacher Survey 

The Teacher Survey Detail Report provides the following data for each of the NEE Leader Indicators:

  • The mean of the teachers’ responses on a scale of 0-3
  • The standard deviation of the responses
  • The number of teachers who responded to each item

The Teacher Survey Summary Report is available to district administrators. It lists all of the leader indicators with the accompanying data from surveys conducted during a selected period of time. It shows:

  • The mean scores for each indicator
  • The mean number of respondents
  • The total number of principals included

This report gives district administrators an overview of teachers’ perceptions of principal effectiveness at the school or across the district. Building Lead principals can also access this report, but for them, it will only display results for their surveys and that of their assistant principal(s). 

Principal Summative Report 

Teacher survey data is also reported in the principal’s summative report. The summative report is divided by indicator with the contributing scores separated according to the NEE Principal Evaluation measure that was used.  

The teacher survey provides an additional way of looking at principal performance and effectiveness as seen through the eyes of the teachers they supervise.

If you are interested in implementing the NEE Teacher Survey, please contact us to get started. Along with the NEE Student Survey, the NEE Teacher Survey is available for purchase as a stand-alone item separate from the full NEE evaluation system. 

We have previously reviewed NEE’s other three principal evaluation measures: the NEE Building Improvement Plan, the NEE Building Personnel Development Plan, and the NEE Principal Professional Development Plan. Together, these four measures represent a comprehensive approach to principal evaluation that addresses the various aspects of a school principal’s job. 

The Network for Educator Effectiveness (NEE) is a simple yet powerful comprehensive system for educator evaluation that helps educators grow, students learn, and schools improve. Developed by preK-12 practitioners and experts at the University of Missouri, NEE brings together classroom observation, student feedback, teacher curriculum planning, and professional development as measures of effectiveness in a secure online portal designed to promote educator growth and development.